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Blue Djinn / Djinn 7
The Blue Djinn and Djinn 7 are the two sailboats in the range, transportable centreboarders which can run aground flat and provide superb sailing. Reliable, combining innovative and technical materials, the Blue Djinn and Djinn 7 are positioned as real cruisers.
Blue Djinn
A transportable 6.10-metre centreboarder, the Blue-Djinn is a real cruiser that can accommodate a whole family. Its 4 berths equipped with storage chests are organised around a centreboard well equipped with a clever folding table for really comfortable lunches.
Djinn 7 Confort

Designed by the famous architect Jaques Fauroux, the Djinn 7 Confort adopts a style that's both modern, elegant and marine. With a length of 7.20 metres, this boat offers wonderful interior space with chart table, independent WC and a mid-cabin, like a cabin, which is sure to prove popular with young children.

Djinn 7 Azur
"The coastal abilities of the Djinn 7 Azur are revealed when it simply runs aground on fine sand" Voiles Mag Its hull, turquoise blue, gives it a style apart, while its redesigned cabin is lighter and more spacious to give this beautiful centreboarder a real day boat feel.